FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions (for the summer program)

  1. How do I make the team?  Show up to summer practice to prove your dedication.  Get in shape to show that you can finish workouts.  Coach Tokuda will be adding kids onto the XC team throughout the summer.  Every runner must be able to finish the daily workouts without walking.  There will be 3-4 workout choices everyday (workouts for the top runners down to the beginners.)  By the end of the summer, you should be able to run/jog 4-5 miles without walking.  Don't panic!!...the coaches are expecting that nobody will be in shape on the first day.  With some dedication and mental toughness, we can get all newcomers (who start with zero fitness) to finish a run to the Pier (about 6 miles) by the end of the summer.

  2. How fast do I need to be?  Being fast or slow is not a criteria to make the team.  As long as you can finish the workouts (at your own pace) without walking than you'll make the team.  Fast runners, who get lazy and start to walk or cut workouts, will not make the team.  We don't have a limit on numbers...so everybody who tries out, can eventually make the team....last year we had over 110 runners.

  3. How long does practice last?  Practice is only about 40-60 minutes long in the beginning of the summer...depending on your own speed and the workouts you choose to run.  Practices tend to get be longer (an hour and half to 2 hours) near the end of summer, when the athletes are in better shape.  We start and finish at the same place. 

  4. I've got summer vacation, is this going to be a problem?  Missing a few weeks shouldn't be a problem...as long as you can get in shape by the end of summer.  Missing the whole summer is a problem...the coaches cannot guarantee you a spot on the team.  Keep in touch with Coach Tokuda about your summer vacation, otherwise he will assume you've quit and will be taken off the xc list.

  5. Summer soccer (basketball, etc) practices at the same time, what am I to do?  Check in with Coach Tokuda, then go off to your other sport.  Most of these other sports will end in the middle of summer, and Cross Country will continue to the end of summer.  We'll see you when your other sport ends.

  6. Do I need to sign up with the Summer Cross Country Program?  Yes...the program fee will pay for the team insurance as well as the coaches.  If you are unsure about Cross Country, then wait on paying the summer program.  Come out to a few practices, and decide if you want to join later.

  7. Why does Summer Cross Country start later and goes longer than the other summer sports?  CIF rules says that all sports must have a 3-week "dead period" (no practice period).  Most sports will have their dead period in mid-August.  Cross Country and Water Polo are the only 2 sports that have their dead period at the beginning of summer.  The reason for the late dead period  is to avoid getting runners in shape, and then taking 3 weeks off and losing their fitness.  Summer Cross Country goes all summer, because Summer Cross Country turns into Fall Cross Country in late-August.  The school year actually starts in late-August for Fall sports (Cross Country, Football, Girls Tennis, and Girls Golf). 

  8. Where the is Malaga Cove Plaza?  From Taco Bell go up Calle Mayor (away from Calle Mayor Middle school.)  At the first stoplight (P.V. Blvd), take the left onto P.V. Blvd.  Pass a church and stay on PV Blvd as it goes through a U-shape turn.  As soon as you finish this U-shape curve, Malaga Cove Plaza will be on the left...there will be a water fountain.

  9. Can I just train to get in shape, but not run races?  There are no races during the summer...so anyone can just train with the team to get in shape.  But during the Fall season, anyone who makes the team will be expected to compete.

  10. Which shoes should I buy?  Any major brand (Nike, Addias, New Balance, etc) will work fine.  Make sure you try them out...and make sure they're running shoes (not cross-trainers.)  More expensive does not mean better...make sure they are comfortable. 

  11. Is there a summer program for Track & Field?  No.  For those who are just interested in Track & Field, the try-out period will be during the school year (around December or January).  Check back on this website (or the Spartan Daily Bulletin) for more information later.

  12. Can I join Fall Cross Country without doing the summer program?  No.*  The reasons are as follows:  1) It is not fair to all of the 100+ athletes who do train over the summer. 2)  People who come in late usually get hurt, since the races will start the first week of school.  3)  The coaches have not had the opportunity to determine if your ready physically or mentally (summer is the try-out period.)  4)  Most people who don't train over the summer really don't want to run.  * - there are extreme exception to this rule (e.g. a new student from another State who never had the opportunity to run.)

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions (about the school year)

  1. How do I get enrolled into Cross Country?  The counselors will put you into the Cross Country class, as soon as Coach Tokuda gives the okay...(meaning, you can finish the workouts without walking.)  If there are any conflicts with other classes, the coaches will inform you. 

  2. Is there any paperwork that I need to fill out?  Yes.  About mid-summer, every student will be mailed a huge packet from the school.  You will need to fill out the insurance form and the transportation form.  You will need to get a physical through your own doctor, and you will need to pay the bus transportation fee.  Take these completed forms to the F-1 (the Athletic Office) to get cleared.  The secretary will give you a clearance paper...which you will give to Coach Tokuda.

  3. Can I take two sports at the same time?  All sports occur during 6th period...so you cannot take 2 sports at the same time.  Understand there is only a conflict if you want to try out for 2 Fall Sports at the same time.  You can still do Cross Country and move onto a Winter sport (like soccer, basketball) or Spring Sport (Baseball, Track) as soon as Cross Country is over.  Cross Country will not overlap/interfere with the other Winter/Spring sports.  A list of Fall, Winter, and Spring Sports are listed below.

  4. What are the differences between summer and fall cross country?  During the school year... 1)  there will be races...about 1-2 a week, 2)  you will need get your own locker to store your school clothes and backpack, 3)  walking will not be tolerated...we'll spend all summer to get you in shape, so once school starts it is assumed that you can finish the daily workouts, and 4) Cross Country will be 6th period and many times we will go past 3:00 P.M. (when the rest of the school gets out.)

  5. Who makes the Varsity team?  The top 7 runners will compete on varsity. 

  6. Is there a race schedule?  Not yet, but it will be posted on this website. Check back later.

  7. What about Track & Field?  Pre-Track will start after Cross Country finishes (about mid-November).  Cross Country athletes may decide to move onto a winter sport (see list below) or stay in Pre-Track.  The Track & Field season starts around February.  Because of the large numbers, there may be 'cuts' for Track & Field based on ability.


Fall Season:   Boys & Girls Cross Country, Football, Girls Tennis, Girls Golf, and Girls Volleyball.  Surf occurs during Period 1 & 2.

Winter Season:  Boys & Girls Soccer, Boys & Girls Basketball, and Wrestling.

Spring Season:  Boys & Girls Track, Boys & Girls Swimming, Baseball, Softball, Boys Golf, Boys Volleyball, and Boys Tennis